All Restaurant Fires are Arson by Bruce McManus

Scirocco Drama

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All Restaurant Fires are Arson by Bruce McManus

All Restaurant Fires are Arson is a dark and comic look at our relationship with our own mortality, and with each other, as we struggle to face the inevitable. Tom, and ex-cop in his fifties, and Ron, a philandering priest, have been friends since grade school. Their friendship will never die, but their high school friends and acquaintances can and do. They’re surrounded by deaths, that might be accidents, or might be murder driven by incidents in their past. Tom has a violent temper and a past full of resentments toward the deceased. Tanya, the most beautiful girl in the school, has always resented the attention that came her way. For Ron, Tanya and Tom the past is always present and the end of their future seems all too close.

Year Printed: 2014

Male roles: 4

Female roles: 2