Alice's Gift by Elisabeth Wagner


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Alice's Gift by Elisabeth Wagner

Alice Herz-Sommer was born in Prague and lived through World War 2 playing piano recitals in the Theresienstadt ghetto. At the time of her death, at 110 years of age, she was the world's oldest Holocaust survivor. Besides having a remarkable story of a cultured upbringing, and a story of endurance and survival, Alice had an extraordinary ability to embrace life and the people she met. In the play, the audience is invited into her living room and given the opportunity hear some of her stories, her music and her simple but profound wisdom. The play integrates the music of Chopin, Beethoven, Bach and others. Alice's Gift challenges and inspires its audiences, and its performers alike.

Keywords: music, aging, Holocaust, survival, piano, Theresienstadt, Alice Herz-Sommer

First Produced: November 2016 at Paul Phillips Hall, Victoria

Running Time: 60 minutes
Acts: 1
Female Cast: 1

Musician roles: 1 pianist

A Spanish language version of the play is available on request.

"Alice’s Gift is a poignant, inspiring and uplifting memoir and a beautifully crafted tribute to an extraordinary woman."

- Janis LaCouvee

"[Alice's Giftoverflows with emotion and character."

- Emily Welch, Nexus