Absinthe, Bourbon, Vodka and Saki by Caroline Russell-King


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Absinthe, Bourbon, Vodka and Saki by Caroline Russell-King

Absinthe, Bourbon, Vodka and Saki because no great story starts with a salad...

Kennedy London a seasoned but jaded playwright who agrees to tutor Parker, the teenage son of a wealthy businessman. In return, his father will allow London to create a writing program at a rehab centre he helps fund. She has an ulterior motive which slowly comes to light.
When she drinks absinthe, London sees herself in a bar in Paris with the great existential writers of 1890. Bourbon transports her to t Tennessee Williams’ country. French Quarter. Vodka takes her to a remote coastline on the Acadian side of the island in Prince Edward Island and memories of her former husband. Finally, she turns to Japanese village drowning in cherry blossoms with sake.
Jake is the opposite of her student Parker. He is the young, angry, sullen addict who London coaches at the rehab centre. It’s through Jake we learn what has destroyed London’s peace of mind and has caused her crushing writer’s block. She has a most personal play she just can’t finish.
The twist occurs when teacher and student begin to switch roles. It is eventually Parker who can teach London how to exorcise her demons if only she will listen to him.

Keywords: Theatrical Prince Edward Island, The French Quarter, Paris, Japan.

Produced by Drama on a Dime, Calgary AB, Summer 2022

Genre: Drama
Acts: 1
Run time: 75 minutes
Content note: This play isn't suitable for children and contains mature content.

Cast size: 2 actors
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 1
Casting note: The young male 16, plays 3 roles. The female actor is 45+