A Very Different Place by Carol Libman


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A Very Different Place by Carol Libman

Thomas Wolfe said it - "You can't go home again'. Teri is about to find out - the hard way, when she dares to face the mother and the home she abandoned 17 years ago, leaving her two-year old son in Mum's keeping. Now, a chance meeting with her now-grown son, Mike, has brought her back to her aging, but still feisty mother. Mike dreams of a happy reunion, and a chance to fulfill his own dreams. Teri dreads the moment she walks back in that door. "Lost music dreams & turbulent family reunion.....in bittersweet, poignant, funny "A Very Different Place": life with more cowbell, May 9, 2018"

Keywords: Drama, Bittersweet reunion

Running Time: 90

Male Cast: 1

Female Cast: 2

Note: The character, Marge, in this play is a trained classical pianist who does play the piano at intervals. It is possible to use recorded music as long as actors' hands are not seen. The character, Teri, must be able to sing on one occasion: Gershwin's "Summertime".