A New You Tomorrow by James Walker Reid and Julian Jahanpour


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A New You Tomorrow by James Walker Reid and Julian Jahanpour

A New You Tomorrow is an upbeat pop/rock musical-comedy performed by 8-15 adults with optional children.
Love, space-rocks, and time-travel. A passport to the cosmos. Maybe the universe is trying to tell us something? A story about finding hope for the future.

Cast recordings available HERE!
Script includes score.
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Genre: Musical, Comedy, Drama, TYA, Mystery, Dark Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 90 minutes
Suitable for students 16+

Cast size: 8 - 15 actors
Male roles: 3
Female roles: 3
Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming Roles: 2
Casting notes: The story begins in a home world then travels to a mirror fantasy world so there is good scope for doubling.
The ensemble can be expanded with additional optional spirits/helpers/agents.
Major Don (m/f), a military intelligence officer associated with the mexican pentagon, is hispanic.


(#1) Unemployed college drop-out ADAM lives with his aunt and uncle (#2) who run a struggling space-rock shop. (#3) Adam finds a bizarre meteorite that scrambles electronics and resists any attempts to move it. GEORGIE loves space-rocks, and works at the store as an intern.

MAJOR DON, a military intelligence officer, arrives demanding money for permits. (#4) The store has been operating on research grants that have run out. To buy time, Don lied to the Mexican Pentagon that the store has discovered microscopic life on a meteorite. If they can't prove it, the store will go under.

(#5) AURIGA, a beautiful space alien, (or so it seems) visits Adam that night. (#6) She has a strange device, the Fazer, and tries zapping Adam. (#7) It doesn't work due to interference from the special rock. In the confusion, Adam accidentally zaps Auriga. She instantly magically falls in love with Adam, and the pair go on an out-of-body space walk. (#8) In the morning, Auriga flees, leaving a smitten Adam behind. (#9)

The shop team scan meteorites for any sign of life. No luck, but Major Don notices something off with Adam. (#10) Adam tries to understand his experience, but can't recall details. Theresa calls DOCTOR RUCCOLA. (#11) They hypnotize Adam, and he recounts the night journey. (#12) The Doctor dismisses it, but Theresa believes her nephew. (#13) A strand of Auriga's hair reveals altered human DNA. She's from the future! (#14) This is the discovery they needed.

Onboard a spaceship, we learn that in the future all natural-born humanity has gone extinct, replaced by genetically modified clone people who have forgotten how to love. The Fazer was designed to open the heart to emotions. Auriga is from this time, and on a team of time travelers dominated by the boisterous REX, (M, 40s.) (#16) Their mission; to scan unmodified human DNA and unlock the secrets of love. Too bad Rex's reckless time traveling has made most centuries unusable.

Auriga reveals her encounter with Adam to her team, but Rex prefers doing things the traditional way. (#17) He rallies his team to visit Adam for an old fashioned probing. (#18) Auriga tries to stop him, but Rex zaps everyone present with the Fazer. (#19) Major Don arrives to save the day, arresting Rex.

Retrieving the Fazer, Auriga attempts to undo the damage done to herself and Adam. But Adam stops her, admits they found a strand of her hair, and confesses his love. As history begins to collapse, Auriga takes Adam to the Mothership. The goal? Go back in time to retrieve the hair before it's too late.

Adam's presence onboard creates a paradox threatening to destroy the ship, (#20) so he ejects himself into space. (#21) While in the vacuum, GAIA, the Earth goddess, appears and saves Adam. (#22) She shows him a warning vision of human history and the future. Adam recognizes special space rocks nearby which he uses to send a message to Auriga, (#23) who saves Adam with the spaceship. He takes the special rock back with him. They time travel to release rehabilitated Rex from prison (#24) and deliver a rock sample to Major Don. Adam and Auriga then prevent their original meeting and, despite his protests, wipe Adam's memory of the encounter. (#25) This causes the timeline to be re-written.

On the winter solstice, Adam is returned home. (#26) Auriga and her team visit one last time. (#27) Auriga is pregnant, and informs Adam babies of the future will benefit from his DNA and suggests he will feel ok about it eventually. Georgie suggests he pursue romance nearer home. (#28) Finally, the special rock from Gaia is revealed to have energy-emitting microbial life. (#29) This discovery saves the space-rock shop, and sets the people of Earth looking to the future. And to the stars.