A Good Death by Shelley M. Hobbs


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A Good Death is about the conflict between the best friend and the mother of a young woman who has been severely brain injured by a hit and run accident. The young woman has been in a persistent vegetative state and the decision must be made about whether or not to remove her from life support: her best friend is her attorney for personal care. The mother has been estranged from her daughter for seventeen years over religious and lifestyle issues, including the fact that the young woman is a lesbian. The themes of the play are: chosen family versus family of origin; identity; LGBT issues; religion; and how love is expressed.

Keywords: Euthanasia, Family, Conflict, LGBT Friendship, chosen family; hockey; end of life; brain injury; substitute decision making

Year Printed: 2017
First Produced: 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival June 30th-July 10th
Running TIme: 70 minutes
Female Cast: 2