A Fine Line by Wren Brian


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A Fine Line by Wren Brian

Set out of time and place, four friends and those around them struggle to cope with increasing conflict taking over their country. As their world is turned upside down they are forced to confront who they are in the face of harsh new realities. As one turns to the military, the others grow increasingly cautious of the rights being taken in the name of safety and fluctuate between denial and impulsive action. As the turmoil drags on and desperation kicks in they must decide what parts of themselves they will and will not sacrifice in the pursuit of freedom and justice.

Genre: Drama
Acts: 3
Run time: 180 minutes
Content note: Whole play references genocide and steps leading up to it, including poverty and discrimination. Specific instances of murder, sexual assault, torture, suicide, self-harm, animal cruelty. Some adult language & misusing alcohol (f-word used 5 times, s-word used 11 times, damn used twice, a-hole used twice). Last pages of the script contains a detailed list.

Cast size: 11 actors
Casting note: Characters can be played by actors of any gender, any ancestry, and nearly any age or ability. Pronouns are written as s/he, her/him, hers/his in dialogue, they/them in stage directions, but once actors are cast their preferred pronouns should be used. Every effort should be made for the play to be cast primarily, if not entirely, with actors who identify as disabled, female, BIPOC, and/or LGBTQIA2S+.

Can be done with a minimum of 11 actors, potentially up to 33 actors if desired.