A Dickens of a Christmas by Don Macrae


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A Dickens of a Christmas by Don Macrae

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The Script includes the music score. The Music Bundle contains recorded versions of all 17 of the play’s songs.

A Dickens of a Christmas is a family musical in two acts, based on a true incident in the early life of one of the most beloved writers of all time. London, England. 1824. A terrible year for young Master Charles Dickens. First, his father is committed to a debtors prison. Then, a month later, the family home is broken up and all articles within confiscated. Charles’ mother and siblings must join his father in jail. Charles moves to a dreary boarding house, saved from prison by going to work in a rat-riddled factory, where he labels jars of shoe polish. His pay barely covers lodging and food. Creditors appropriate his wages. His landlady is demanding rent payment tonight. Otherwise, he must vacate the premises immediately. Now, on Christmas Eve, we watch young Charles try desperately to keep a roof over his head. We join him in an extraordinary dream, in which he is visited, assisted and entertained by 14 characters from 7 of his yet-to-be-written novels.

Keywords: family, children, musical, modern, Dickens, laughter, adventure, sing-alongs

Produced by Theatre Woodstock, Woodstock ON, 2017

Genre: Drama
Acts: 2
Run time: 110 minutes

Cast size: 15 actors
Male roles: 7 (4 adult, 3 youth)
Female roles: 8 (4 adult, 4 youth)
Casting notes: Chorus can be made up of a flexible number of cast members, of any gender