50 Ways to Destroy Your Relationship by John Kenwell


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50 Ways to Destroy Your Relationship by John Kenwell

Have you had enough? Fed up?
Or have you not – in your relationship – gotten enough?
Ready to cut loose?
Then – providing you are not a robot – read "50 Ways to Destroy Your Relationship" – and employ one, any, many, or all of these precious little stratagems, and the success of your exit strategy from your relationship is assured.

"50 Ways to Destroy a Relationship" is a monologue which could read as a play, or work as a stand-up routine. It is tongue-in-cheek advice and irreverently kicks sand in the face of every personal and relational counselling modality.

It is not for the faint of heart or for those who feel the bounds of an intimate relationship are unassailable.

Keywords: break-up, infidelity, deceit, secrecy, denial, relationships, marriage

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 45 minutes

Cast size: 1
Casting note: This piece is intended to be produced as a monologue. It would be suitable as a stand-up comedy routine.
Any adult of any gender or age could perform this work.
The piece could be altered so that a host or moderator could introduce the "chapters" and ask questions of the narrator/reader.