36 Little Plays about Hopeless Girls by Aurora Stewart de Peña


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36 Little Plays about Hopeless Girls is a series of one minute plays and dances with interwoven plotlines about baseball, credit card debt, millipedes and Ny’pha, a helpful bathroom tissue collector from the land of We’an. It was performed at the Tranzac Club and The Bread & Circus Theatre in Toronto, and the New Workshop Theatre in Brooklyn.

Aurora Stewart de Peña is a writer & director. She was described by Now Magazine as "an artist to watch" with a "surreal sensibility." Aurora’s had her work produced in Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York State, Bath, West Yorkshire and here in Toronto at the SummerWorks, HATCH, Rhubarb and Fringe festivals as well as independently at Double Double Land. She's been published in The Puritan, Little Brother and Petal Journal. She's a contributor to CBC's Definitely Not The Opera.

She founded Birdtown and Swanville with Nika Mistruzzi in 2006. Aurora's plays include 36 Little Plays about Hopeless Girls, Family Story and Dumbo Squid. With Nika, she co-wrote The Physical Ramifications of Attempted Global Domination and Dead Wrestlers.

Suitable for School Performances: Students age 16+

Year Printed: 2017
First Professional Production: August 6-14, The Transac Club, Toronto

Running Time: 60 minutes

Acts: 1

Female Cast: 14