2 Guys on a Wall by Lisa Coleman-Brown


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2 Guys on a Wall by Lisa Coleman-Brown

2 Guys on a Wall is a one act, surreal, and psychedelic comedy set on scaffolding 1,200 feet high in the air atop the iconic "largest chimney in Canada", INCO's Sudbury SuperStack, on August 20, 1970.

The 2 Guys, macho bricklaying miners, are killing time singing, and philosophizing about the Canadian Identity, and what makes hippie-chicks tick. While the voice of their boss hollers up at them, they are taunted and egged on by a Greek Chorus of 3-5 1970s gay sexual fantasy figure beefcake Guys in the Back. A tornado hits and the wind blows 3 scantily clad, 1970s heterosexual fantasy figure, highway flag girls up onto the scaffolding to the astonishment of the 2 Guys (one of whom comes out of the "closet" as a gust of wind blows him and the 3-5 Guys in the Back away). The 3 girls, Long Tall Sally, Afro Girl, and "Bikini in the Surf Chick" can be played by Drag Queens.

Keywords: comedy, one act, 14 minutes, drag queens, gay greek chorus, 1970, sexual fantasy figures, coming out, tornado

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 14 minutes
Male roles: 7
Female roles: 3
Suitable for students 16+
Cover art by Bonnie Mathieu