1184 by Azeem Nathoo


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1184 by Azeem Nathoo

1184 occurs at the cusp of the fall of the Muslim empire in Andalusia after 500 years of Convivencia or coexistence between Muslims, Christians and the Jewish people.

Caliph Yusuf is killed in battle and his delinquent son Ya'qub must assume the throne in the capital Seville. The Caliphate's most trusted advisor renowned philosopher and jurist Ibn Rushd is shunted aside while enemies look to gain the throne for themselves as both rebels in the south from Algiers and Marrakesh and Christian forces in the north and west try to reclaim lands lost centuries before.

Deals are made, alliances forged while rebellion seeks to unmoor the stability of the realm.

Keywords: coexistence, pluralism, religion, Andalusia , convivencia, muslim, islam, jewish, christian, crusade, Averroes, Ibn Rushd, Maimonides, Caliphate, reconquista

Produced by Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto ON, 2022

Genre: Historical Drama
Acts: 2
Run time: 90 minutes
Content notes: Contains some references to murder, war, religious violence, sexuality and combat. Recommended for ages 16+

Original Production Cast size: 9 actors
Male roles: 7
Female roles: 5
Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming roles: 2
Other roles: 3
Casting notes:
The 14 principal characters may be doubled up as follows, with best efforts for preferred casting in parentheses for each character:
(m=male / f=female / ncf=gender non-conforming)

Ibn Rushd (Muslim, m)
Pilgrim (f)
Bookseller (m) & Alfonso (m)
Queen (f) & Eggseller (f)
Buthaina (f) & Judge (any)
Moses Maimonides (Jewish m/ncf) & Al Arabi (Muslim or Persian m/ncf )
Ya’qub (m) & Fishmonger (m)
Mada (f) & Crivelli (m/f)
other roles can be of any gender

"one has to admire Nathoo for his chutzpah in delving into a huge topic"
- Paula Citron, Scrutiny

"the production is sumptuous and beautiful"
- Lynn Slotkin, Slotkin Letter

"excellent performances by the spirited cast"
- Benjamin Rubin, eBenBrandeis.com (with permission)

"a complete theatric triumph"
- Jim Pulfer, audience (with permission)

Cover art photography by Dahlia Katz.