Vitals by Rosamund Small

Scirocco Drama

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Vitals is a solo show presenting the story of Anna, a Toronto paramedic. Anna’s daily routine is life, death, bureaucracy. Every call she receives is an emergency. How much trouble is our city in? Based on real interviews conducted with Local EMS workers, Vitals weaves together a canvas of affecting, poignant and disturbing emegergency stories and explores their impact on the responders to these calls.

Keywords: Solo, women, female performer, female character, paramedic, city, Toronto, health, emergency, paramedic, EMS, EMT, ambulance, siren, trauma, PTSD, mental health, assault, sexual assault, dogs, 911, Rosamund Small, Katherine Cullen, Mitchell Cushman, Outside the March, Theatre Passe Muraille, Dora Award, healthcare, public service, immersive, site-specific, one-woman show, monologue, audition, drama, realism

Year Printed: 2017

The play is a solo piece with a single female role. Unlike many solo shows, it has never been performed by the writer and is appropriate for any actor. I am open to any gender of performer trying the part, though it was originally written for a woman. The voice of a 911 operator is heard from a phone, but this could be a recording.