UNSEX'd by Jay Whitehead and Daniel Judes


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UNSEX'd by Jay Whitehead and Daniel Judes

UNSEX’d by Daniel Judes and Jay Whitehead takes us back to a reimagined Elizabethan time when men played all the roles in theatre, and introduces audiences to two boy-players, the seasoned Wilburn Hussey, and the pretty new ingenue, Humphrey Hughes, as they fight it out for the role of Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare's new Scottish play. Both will do anything, ANYTHING, to catch the eye, and affections, of the playwright. UNSEX'd is an unapologetically queer, completely historically inaccurate cheeky comedy / drama which contains naughty bits, lots of laughs and a dark-side.

Keywords: Shakespeare, drag, queer, haunted, curse

Running Time: 75 minutes

Male Cast: 2