Unganisha by Chibuzo Okoye


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Unganisha by Chibuzo Okoye

A young dancer, Unganisha, sets out on a life-changing journey in search of the "source", a long-lost mother from five centuries past who is the connector of African dance. On this journey, Unganisha recounts a rollercoaster of past experiences that have shaped today's dance forms. Through Unganisha's eyes, we see an assortment of modern dance performances and go down a memory lane of stunning, nostalgic visuals. Salsa, Jazz, Tap, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Caribbean, Hip-hop, Step, Capoeira, and Samba, this journey is an exhilarating ride of discovery.

Additional Notes available in the script

Keywords: Music, Africa, Dance, Diaspora, Archives, History, Colonial, Slavery, Latin America, Afro America, African-American, West Africa, Congo, Angola

Running Time: 120 minutes

Male Cast: 2

Female Cast: 2

Doubled Roles: 3

Musicians: 7

Other Roles: 20