Undiscover'd Country by Scott Douglas


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Undiscover’d Country tells the story of a conflicted young aboriginal man. He is haunted by a Cree-speaking ghost, but, having been raised outside of his culture and disconnected from his own heritage and language, he cannot understand a word this persistent ghost is saying. In his quest to be “normal” he takes a job in a government computer lab, but when the text of Shakespeare’s Hamlet accidentally gets downloaded into his brain, he sets off on a mad quest to avenge the death of his people and the usurpation of his home and native land. Undiscover’d Country is also the story of a superficially liberal-minded Prime Minister so consumed by fear that he becomes a caricature of himself, a journalist trying to escape from the pain of her reservation childhood, an archbishop desperately trying to make amends for past wrongs before dementia steals his memory, a psychiatrist who has locked himself away from the pain of the world, a security guard who is caught between the roles of knight and thug, and an idealistic Esperanto-speaking rave-girl.

Suitable for School Performances: Students age 16+

Year Printed: 2013
First produced in 2005 at Catalyst Theatre, Edmonton, AB

Running Time: 150 minutes

Acts: 4

Male Cast: 7
Female Cast: 2