Twentysomething by Megs Calleja


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Twentysomething by Megs Calleja

Twentysomething explores messy, heartbreaking moments between people who love each other deeply but have bittersweet timing. The vignette play explores four relationships shattered by abandonment, set in the exact moment of unwanted happenstance. Each reunion is inescapable as couples are trapped in elevators, rescue cabins, rooftops, and prison cells, forced to confront years of unsaid conversations. Twentysomething is an unapologetic look at the truth behind what we do for love, why we hurt those closest to us in the name of love, and what it means to sit in second chances.

In 29 Floors, fallen-out best friends Ted and Josie meet—and get stuck in—an elevator, four years after Ted abandoned their friendship with no warning. In 28 Clicks, brothers Pete and Finn wind up in the same wilderness refuge cabin during a fluke storm while hiking independently, three years after Pete left and cut all ties with the family. In 27 Cards, ex-fiancées Erin and Michael run into each other at a holiday party and wind up locked out on the rooftop in an effort to grab a smoke, two years after Erin left Michael at the alter. In 26 Cents, first loves Bailey and Linden find themselves in the drunk tank together, having no contact for a year since Linden left Bailey a three-sentence breakup voicemail. And in 25 Hours, a series of interwoven flashbacks follows each of the duos in the final hours leading up to a pivotal breaking point for their relationships.

Produced independently at the Theatre at GO Studios, Vancouver BC, October 2-5, 2019. All proceeds were donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Keywords: relationships, abandonment, love, loss.

Run time: 82 minutes
Cast size: 10-12 actors
Male roles: 4 male-identifying; 2 inclusive to all genders
Female roles: 4 female identifying; 2 inclusive to all genders