Tomorrow Will Be Sunday adapted by Thomas J. Cahill


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Tomorrow Will Be Sunday adapted by Thomas J. Cahill

In 1967, the St. John's Players invited Tom to adapt Harold Horwood's popular novel "Tomorrow Will Be Sunday" as their entry in the Centennial Dominion Drama Festival. The script was a huge success, winning every award in the Provincial Drama Festival, a national writing award as best Atlantic Zone play, and a two week engagement at Expo 67 in Montreal. The play also premiered the opening of the newly-constructed Arts and Culture Centre in St. John's. 

Set in the village of Caplin Bight, this play is an account of events surrounding the “Great Plague” of 1931. After a gathering, organized by Brother John and his followers is sported by Mr. Markady and Chris, the village has Chris arrested for having abused Eli, the boy. When in court, the truth comes out. It was brother John who abused Eli and Chris is set free.

Keywords: Outport, scholarships, affliction, The Great Plaque, judgement day, Newfoundland, paralyzing, family, communities, fishermen, dying, isolation, fever

Genre: Comedy Drama

Run time: 120 minutes
Male cast: 10
Female cast: 2
Suitable for students aged 16+