This One by Denise Mader


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This One by Denise Mader

Denise opens her kitchen and her heart to share her mother’s favourite recipes for pie and a good life... and to get a bit of help along the way. Denise is throwing a surprise birthday party for her four year old niece and is faced with the challenge of baking a pie from scratch for the first time amongst a series of mini disasters and delays. The clock is ticking before the rest of the guests arrive and she's going to attempt to make her mother's classic, a pecan pie. Her mother was a baking ninja with five kids, one husband, a farm to run and a kitchen to dance in. Louise Mader had her hands full when her life was cut short. This One is the true story of a motherless daughter and a transformative pecan-pie-baking journey. A slice of storytelling, a dash of theatrics and bountiful real life experience, This One is perfect on the palette.

Keywords: baking, pie, solo show, rural, mother, daughter, farming, transformation, surprise party, comedy, dating, family, childhood, monologue, female

Running Time: 96 minutes

Female Cast: 1

Suitable for School Productions: Students 14+