The Walnut Tree by Geoffrey Ursell

Scirocco Drama

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The Walnut Tree by Geoffrey Ursell

From the novel by Martha Blum

The Walnut Tree tells the story of the intense journey of SŸssel, a young, privileged Jewish woman who grows up in Chernowitz, studies in Prague and Paris, endures the horrors of World War II in Eastern Europe, and ultimately escapes to the peace and promise of a new life in Saskatoon. The character of the older SŸssel looks back at her life, accompanied by her alter ego, a Musician, who performs on a grand piano. This powerful, disturbing, and transcendent drama sets the devastating power of historical events against the personal forces of reconciliation. The Walnut Tree deals with vital social, political, and ethical issues, and finally–and most importantly–with enduring love.

Male roles: 4
Female roles: 6

“As dark as it could have been, this is a play about hope and love, not recrimination. You’re left impressed by the resilience of the human spirit, not discouraged about its capacity for evil. You’ll find The Walnut Tree on the high road.” —Saskatoon Star-Phoenix