The Lucky Ones by Kelly Jo Burke


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Dark two-hander comic ghost story of mature love, or what struggles to be mature.

Enid and Marty meet by sheer luck. Despite genuine doubts about human relationships in general, and their own lovability in particular, they fall for each other.

And contrary to everyone’s expectations, especially their own, they stay in love.

And that’s how, one summer night, Marty ends up barricaded in his wife's hospital room, because he's been asked to let his love die, when her illness becomes intractable. And that’s where this play begins—with Marty flat out refusing to accept his luck.

Good thing Enid has never NOT had the last word…

The Lucky Ones is about not the giddy, well documented process of falling in love, or the appalling, equally well-documented business of love’s deconstruction, but the maintenance, reconstruction and ascendance of long love, to the very end.

Year Printed: 2016

First produced in 2015 at Dancing Sky Theatre, Saskatoon, SK.

Running TIme: 100 minutes
Acts: 2

Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 1