The Failures by Maggie Sulc


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The Failures by Maggie Sulc

Do we really learn more from our failures than we do from success? 

Rising star reporter David waits backstage at a high-profile singing audition for his next story: Alexa Caputo, the worst singer of the bunch. What she thinks is her big break and he thinks is an interview about her failure leads them down a path neither expects. David and Alexa argue over their futures as Alexa's mother tries to cement her daughter's bright future and a harried producer tries to shoo them all out of the theater. In the end, no one escapes from failure.

This comedic farce takes a closer look at the delusional contestants on American Idol, Britain's Got Talent, and The Voice. Are they really that far removed from us?

Keywords: singing contest, comedy, farce, American Idol

Running Time: 50 minutes

Male Cast: 1

Female Cast: 2

Double Cast: 1

Other Roles: 2