The Blues by Hrant Alianak

Scirocco Drama

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The Blues by Hrant Alianak

A philosophical bartender, a broken-hearted hooker, an idealistic novelist, and a gal from the Sally Ann—four characters play out their desperation and dreams in a dingy New York bar circa 1951. Hrant Alianak has given these B-movie types a place to act out their fantasies. The result is a sometimes pathetic, sometimes hilarious pastiche of lonely midnights, love for sale, and the losers who always hope.

Male roles: 2

Female roles: 2

“An entertaining play of outstanding integrity and artistry.”
—Toronto Sun

“Uproariously funny…inspired satire…hugely entertaining, especially the brilliant marathon soliloquies.”
—The Globe & Mail

“Brilliantly imaginative.”
—Montreal Gazette