Stoning the Pool by Thomas J. Cahill


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Stoning the Pool by Thomas J. Cahill

A Radio Play

The play opens as three fishermen make their way on a trail leading to a salmon river in Newfoundland. As they near the fishing pool, they see two American tourists who have taken their spot. They stop to talk when suddenly one American has a salmon on his line. It’s a monster. The salmon puts up a struggle and everybody thinks the salmon has snapped the line except Mrs. Fischer. They decide to stone the pool in case the salmon is just resting. Suddenly, the salmon makes a splash and snaps the line. Mrs. Fischer starts to nag, saying everybody should have listened to her. As the play ends, Mrs Fischer continues nagging after her husband.

The characters are ... Derm ( a fisherman), Jojo ( a fisherman), Lance ( a fisherman), James Fischer ( an American tourist), Dottie Fischer ( Mr. Fischer’s wife)

Keywords: Newfoundland, trail, salmon, a yank (yankee), the falls, hospitality, skipper, splashing, whopper

Genre: Comedy

Run time: 20 minutes
Male roles: 4
Female roles: 1
Suitable for students aged 16+