Riders of the Sea by Shirley Barrie


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Two kids stow away on a boat which is dumping a horrible blue goo into the sea. The boat gets mysteriously pulled down to the bottom of the sea by survivors of the lost continent of Atlantis, who have adapted to life under water after destroying their world with technology centuries ago. Billie and Wally have to convince the Atlantans that they're not the polluters and then they have to figure out how to use the resources of the sea to get back home.

Keywords: young audience, adventure, music, pollution, the environment, sunken city of Atlantis, science
Year Printed: 1999
First Produced: 1982 by Theatre of Thelema, London, England.
Written With: music by Ian Barnet
Running TIme: 50 minutes
Acts: 1

Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 2