Put A Cherry On It by David Simmonds


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Put A Cherry On It by David Simmonds

The three characters in this play constitute the interactive elements of each and every one of us. They represent parts of the individual persona. Doing, Talking and Feeling. The physical, mental and emotional behavioural traits we utilize and combine in varying percentages. Followed by the reactions and words spoken.The questions asked are: (1) in a particular set of given circumstances, how do we apply and adjust our responses to  each other. And, (2) In seeking our place in the world, what are we prepared to do for acceptance (3) How do we navigate the give and take required. (4) Does that describe how other people see us and does that oppose how we would define ourselves?

Keywords:  Experimental. Talking, Action and Feelings. Creation of Painting or art object in process. Possible to extend into and fundraiser. Auction

An experimental play. An 'objet d'art' Drawing. Painting, Sculpture, sketch, improvised and created during Act One can be offered up for auction in Act Two.

Genre: Comedy
Run time: 15 mins

Acts: One, (Possible Act Two - see notes below).
Male roles: 2

Female roles: 1

Playwright Note: The *experiment* suggests an Act Two which offers the piece of ‘Art’ created in Act One for auction to the audience. Serving as a fundraiser for the performance company / group.