Over Castle Walls by John Kenwell


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Over Castle Walls by John Kenwell

The Baron of Aggstein Castle was entitled - in the mid 15th century - to collect tolls from river travelers who navigated safely along his portion of the river Danube, in the Wachau Valley of Austria. The bishop of Passau, also collected tolls, in addition to souls, from his palace -the massive Oberhaus - further along the river.

Conflict between these two powerful men begins when the Baron seizes more than just silver from those who try to sail past his fortress. The evil schemes of the Baron of Aggstein turn his impressive castle from an edifice to both a prison and a place of execution. But secrets and intrigues are not the sole constituency of the Baron; they abound throughout the halls within the walls of Aggstein Castle.

The events in this play were inspired by two facts: one, there is an ancient castle by the name of Aggstein on the cliffs above the River Danube in the Wachau Valley in what is today Austria; second, a robber baron did possess the castle seven centuries ago and did what robber barons were wont to do.

Keywords:  family violence, secrets, castle, medieval, Danube, historical

Genre: Drama
Acts: 2
Run time: 60 minutes
Male roles: 8
Female roles: 7
Maximum number of roles: 15
Minimum number of roles:10
Suitable for students 14+