Okinum by Émilie Monnet

Scirocco Drama

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Okinum by Émilie Monnet

In Anishnaabemowin, Okinum means dam. In deciphering a recurring dream about beavers, Émilie Monnet discovers how to break down interior barriers, to trust in the power of intuition, and to deconstruct cultural walls. A circular and immersive experience that interweaves three languages — English, French and Anishnaabemowin — Okinum is an ode to reclaiming language and reconnecting to one’s ancestors.

“A vast healing ritual, it’s impossible not to be moved.” — Le Devoir

“Extraordinarily relevant.” — Le Délit

Okinum speaks of the importance of transmission to the new generation, but also openness to others.” — Mon Theatre

Cast size: 1 actor
Female roles: 1