Love & Luna by Sandi Holland


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Love & Luna by Sandi Holland

The play is a comedy with heart and even includes a bit of simple but funny magic. It tells the story of two couples, Murray & Linda, and Ian & Becky, each of whom is looking for some activity that will be meaningful to them in retirement.

Linda, a mom, and retired baker, wants to do something that will bring the joy to others like that which she experienced as a child. So, she secretly learns about clowning. Murray, a retired salesman, lost in retirement and driving his wife crazy, decides to work with the elderly. He ends up offering an Introduction Service to his elderly folks, with unimaginable results.

Ian would like to break out of his professional financial advisor image and finds an opportunity to go on stage. Throughout the play, Ian is trying to create the ‘character’ needed to land a role as a 1950's detective in a community theatre production. His various accents and props annoy everyone. Becky has always lived vicariously through her friends' lives. She wants to put herself 'out there' more and helping with a clown show is just the ticket to boost her confidence.

Their searches create new dynamics in their marital and friend relationships which create a breeding ground for humour. Friendships between the characters grow as they support each other in their new adventures. The play ends with a clown show, with Murray’s elderly matches canoodling in the audience and Ian as the stagehand and Becky as the MC.

Keywords: Clowning around, retirement project, marital and friend adventures

Produced at the Bruce County Playhouse, November 2022, Southampton ON

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 100 minutes
Content note: Contains some adult themes. A sketch of the set is available, please contact for details.

Cast size: 4-5 actors
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 2
Other roles: 1
Casting note: The small role of Beau could be played by one of the actors not on stage for that scene which would bring the total number of actors to 4. The 'telephone' voice can be played by one of the actors not on stage for that scene.