Lo (or Dear Mr. Wells) by Rose Napoli

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Lo (or Dear Mr. Wells) by Rose Napoli

Ten years ago, Laura was a student in Alan Wells’ English class. She was uncharacteristically smart for a fifteen-year-old – perceptive and vulnerable – a dream for a flailing teacher. Now, at twenty-five, Laura has written her first novel. She’s called it Dear Mr. Wells, and Alan is the first person she wants to read it. Weaving seamlessly from present to past, Lo (or Dear Mr. Wells) burrows in the grey areas of consent. A coming-of-age story, a love story, a vindication, Lo (or Dear Mr. Wells) examines a formative relationship that both corrupts and liberates.

Male roles: 1

Female roles: 1

“Napoli sets up an impressive, two-sided dramatic irony here. As the audience, we see and empathize with the misperceptions of both parties… feels so real that some moments were a bit excruciating to sit through.” ­—Globe and Mail

“…there is rarely this level of nuance in the narrative of sexual assault.” —Mooney on Theatre

“Rose Napoli’s drama about a young woman’s affair with her teacher offers up complex characters and a painfully believable journey.” —NOW Magazine

“Napoli’s skill as a wordsmith shines.” —Toronto Star