Kit Marlowe is Dead Againe by John Demmery Green


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Shoreditch, London, 1590: struggling writer Thomas Kyd takes a set of rooms with notorious “roaring boy” Christopher Marlowe. In addition to Marlowe's infamy with respectable folk for cursing, dueling, blasphemy, and dangerous views on religion, he also happens to be London's most successful new playwright.

Despite their views clashing on everything from poetry to the Apostle Paul, the two roommates' friendship grows and soon includes another young actor and playwright, Will Shakespeare.

Elizabeth's London holds many dangers, however, and before long outside pressures of war, plague, espionage, and religious crackdowns threaten not only the trio's careers, but their very lives.

Keywords: Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare, Thomas Kyd, history, spies, war, religion, poets, playwrights, Elizabethan
Running TIme: 160 minutes
Acts: 2
Other Cast: 15
Comments: Roles may be played by either gender; maximum # of roles is 15.