Jesus and the Body Snatchers by John Kenwell


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Jesus and the Body Snatchers by John Kenwell

When a mad scientist, her not-so-mad assistant, vigilant Roman centurions, family mourners, and pillagers converge in the graveyard where Jesus was entombed twenty centuries ago, all havoc breaks loose.
Mary, Martha, and Mary Magdalene mourn, then are amazed. The mad woman scientist has a plan to recreate life, then is shocked. Two bumbling grave robbers have a business plan of sorts, but a chance encounter in the cemetery alters both their plans and their lives forever. The results of all these graveyard encounters are electrifying!

Keywords: mad scientist, Frankenstein, grave robbers, resurrection, Jesus, body snatchers

Genre: Comedy, Satire
Acts: 2
Run time: 60 minutes
Male roles: 6
Female roles: 4
Suitable for students 14+