Highway by Maggi Feehan


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Highway by Maggi Feehan

In a small prairie town, two teenage girls attend the same school, separated by race, culture and popularity. Jo-Jo is Indigenous and lives with her serpent-tongued mother behind a gas station on an impoverished reserve. Carly is White and lives with her Fred Flintstone loving Dad who is a long-haul trucker, often away. By day, the girls ignore each other, but by night, their dreams reach across the cultural chasm to meet and dance together.

Special Merit winner - Theatre BC’s 2020 Canadian Playwriting Competition

Keywords: Indigenous/Settler, Highway Killer, Prairie drama, Family drama, Coming of Age, Spirit World

Genre: Drama
Acts: 1
Run time: 90 minutes
Content note: Not suitable for younger audiences. Contains references to missing and murdered women, blood on stage, swearing, life on an Indigenous reserve

Cast size: 9 actors
Male roles: 4
Female roles: 5
Musician roles: 1

Casting breakdown:

There are three Indigenous characters - two whom are Cree.
There are three adolescents.
There is an Indigenous drummer.

There is a need to use a Queen song.

Playwright note: This play was written with the express intention that the director is Indigenous and that the cast / crew ratio is more than 50% Indigenous. As a playwright who is a Settler on Indigenous land, I appreciate and acknowledge the wisdom and care of those that have stewarded this land before me, and those that continue to work hard to maintain those sacred traditions.