Dirt by Bruce Gooch


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Dirt by Bruce Gooch

"King Lear in a wheat field."

When an estranged son returns home to the farm from war, he finds his father fighting to hold onto his mind. They are thrust into a struggle to control their land and the memories it holds. Dirt explores how we forge our identities through our connections to our home, to our past, and to each other.

"Gooch's script culminates in a powerfully moving conclusion." - Backstage

Keywords: father, son, farm, veteran , dementia

Dirt has been performed at the San Diego Glode Theatre and throughout the US with James Whitmore and Ralph Waite in the title role. It was translated into Finnish and ran in Tampere, Finland for two years. In 2017-18 Dirt played in Swedish with The National Theatre of Sweden's Touring Theatre.

First produced by Williamstown Theatre Festival, 1993

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Run time: 90 minutes
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 1