The Best Brothers by Daniel MacIvor

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After losing their free-spirited mother in a freak accident involving a large drag queen named Pina Colada, brothers Kyle and Hamilton Best have to find a way to work together to make the final arrangements. Polar opposites, Hamilton is a buttoned-down architect with a conventional life and Kyle is a slightly flighty real estate agent with unfortunate taste in men. Hampered by past resentments and the age-old sibling-rivalry question "Who did Mom love best?", they struggle to understand one another's way of grieving, to accept one another's picture of who their mother was - and to decide who has to take her dog (the real love of her life).

Year Printed: 2013
First Produced: 2012 at Studio Theatre, Stratford, ON.
Running Time: 90 minutes
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 2