Balls by Rob Salerno


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Balls by Rob Salerno

Two best friends learn what it takes to be a man as they confront testicular cancer.

Bastian and Paul have been best friends since they were kids. When they're about to begin university, Paul discovers a lump on his testicle. Bastian does his best to be there for his friend, supporting him through treatments and even running an ingenious fundraiser for cancer research. Paul recovers, but months later Bastian goes through his own health crisis. And when Paul's semi-annual check-up reveals his cancer's returned, the friends need to rely on each other more than ever for both to pull through.

First produced by Ten Foot Pole Theatre, Toronto, May 2009

Keywords: cancer, coming of age, masculinity, teens, death, grief, testicular cancer, male cancer, reproductive health, male friendship, men, manhood, Toronto, school, sex, virginity,
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Run time: 60 minutes
Acts: 1
Male roles: 2

Hamilton Fringe Best New Play Contest
London Fringe Best Original Production
Ottawa Fringe, Patron's Pick
Brickenden Award, Best Touring Production, 2007 (London, ON)
5 Stars — “This is theatre at its best” — Planet S (Saskatoon)
4.5 Stars — “An honest and sincere tale of friendship” — Winnipeg Sun
4.5 Stars — “Very serious, seriously hilarious” — See Magazine (Edmonton)
4 Stars — “Funny and surprisingly affecting” — Vue Weekly (Edmonton)
4 Stars — “Clever and expertly staged… Salerno shines” — Ottawa Sun
“You’d be nuts to miss this one!” — Saskatoon Star Phoenix
“Must See” — Ottawa Citizen