Alicia in Wonderland by Don Macrae and Ted Blackbourn


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Alicia in Wonderland by Don Macrae and Ted Blackbourn
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The Script includes the music score. The Music Bundle contains recorded versions of all 20 of the play’s songs plus 1 trumpet fanfare sound effect.


Hold on tight! When you fall a thousand miles down a rabbit hole, you have to expect the unexpected. From the wicked Queen of Hearts to the dizzy Mad Hatter. You see, someone has stolen the Queen's tarts and guess who the prime suspect is? It's a matter of survival for Alicia and her lovable cat, Dinah. And all those familiar characters – plus some delightful new ones – aren't helping very much. Get set for more ups and downs than on a roller coaster ride, more twists and turns than in a pretzel, more strange surprises than you could wish for in a lifetime! This fun-filled musical, featuring lots of audience participation, will thrill the whole family with songs and riddles, laughter and adventure. Excitement you could only find with a little girl named Alicia! And only in a place called Wonderland!

Keywords: family, children, musical, modern, Alicia, Wonderland, laughter, adventure, audience-participation, sing-alongs

Produced by Guelph Little Theatre, Guelph ON, 2011

Genre: Family Musical
Acts: 2
Run time: 110 minutes
Suitable for students 10+

Cast size: 24 actors
Male roles: 8
Female roles: 8
Other roles: 8
Casting note: A Chorus can be added to the cast. The number of actors and the gender of the actors in the Chorus can be determined by the director and the production team.

"Alice is now Alicia, and while the audience still follows her into her dream world of Wonderland, there are some twists to the plot line, different characters and modern references. This wondrous Wonderland belongs to Alicia, not Alice!"
- Joanne Shuttleworth, Guelph Mercury

Cover art: Adapted from a photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash