Ale Wives by Mark Weatherley


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Ale Wives by Mark Weatherley

Beer Brewers.
700 years ago.
Almost exclusively women.
These were the Alewives. Inventive, industrious, and determined women, always having to kick back at a society that distrusted and dismissed female entrepreneurs.
This is the story of two of them.
Agnes and Margaret are two brewers in a small English village in the 1300s, forced to fight the Reeve, the priest, the Aletaster (yeah that really was a thing) and the Bailiff for the right to chart their own destiny.
Raucous, raunchy, witty, thought provoking, and oddly timely considering it takes place in the middle ages.

Keywords: Ale, women, brewing, witty

Produced by Here For Now Theatre, Stratford ON, 2022

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 60 minutes
Content note: Contains some profanity, simulated drinking of alcohol

Cast size: 3 actors
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 2

"A punningly funny, wonderfully researched, bracing play about the women entrepreneurs who made and sold ale and then some in the 1300s in England."
- The Slotkin Letter