A Singularity of Being by T. Berto


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Roland Mathers is a brilliant physicist consumed with unraveling Einstein's Grand Unified Theory. When he develops a life-threatening, debilitating disease (ALS), Roland sacrifices his happiness on the altar of science. Loosely inspired by the life story of Steven Hawking, A Singularity of Being takes us into the mind of a genius and asks: what price would you pay to see the face of God?

Keywords: Stephen Hawking, physics, astrophysics, god, atheism, Lou-Gehrig's-Didease, black-holes, singularities, British, ALS, family, Amyotrophic-Lateral-Sclerosis

Year Printed: 2015

First produced in 2009 at Toronto Fringe Festival, Toronto, ON.

Running TIme: 80 minutes
Acts: 2

Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 2

Casting Notes: Age and ethnicity aren't really important, as the characters age considerably over the course of the play. A good R.P. (received pronunciation) will certainly help.