You Fancy Yourself by Maja Ardal

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Edinburgh, in post-second World War Scotland was grey and grim. The working-class areas were characterized by tenement row housing, blackened by soot from coal fires. In the flats lived penny-pinching families, fast-growing with "baby-boomer" children. People were now coming from all over Europe, most refugees, but some, like Elsa's father, came to study at Scotland's famous universities. She is the "foreign" child who enters Edinburgh with a Nordic imagination and a desire to become "Scottish" as quickly as she can. She seizes on a dramatic and famous historical event as her guide to all things Scottish. The Massacre of Glencoe becomes her guiding theme. Ultimately, as she discovers in the end, massacres can be a difficult metaphor for life. Elsa's journey tells the story of what it takes to fit in, and how difficult it is to stay loyal to your friends in the process.

Year Printed: 2009
First Produced: 2006 by Contrary Company at the Factory Studio, Toronto.
Running TIme: 75 minutes
Acts: 2
Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 1