YAGA by Kat Sandler


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YAGA by Kat Sandler

“Bad children are the softest, and the easiest to eat; but a bad man’s bones hold power, power tastes like salt, and we love salt more than anything.”

From the mind that brought you Mustard, a genre-bending fairy tale meets whodunit inspired by the notorious figure of Baba Yaga, the hideous old witch who lives alone in the woods grinding the bones of the wicked.
A gruesome murder in a small town leads a local sheriff, a young detective and a university professor with a taste for younger men into a labyrinth of secret lives, ancient magic and multiple suspects.
A play that gives voice to the wicked old witch, Yaga is part thriller, part revenge play and lots of comedy.

First produced at Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, 2019

Keywords: Witches, Toronto, Kat Sandler, Thriller, Comedy, Mystery, Murder, Canadian
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Run time: 140 minutes
Acts: 2
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 2
"...entertaining, fleet and frequently clever."
- Jose Teodoro, Now Magazine
"[Yaga] takes the Slavic legend of Baba Yaga and turns it into a supernatural small-town detective story, with delightful results."
- Ilana Lucas, Mooney on Theatre
3.5 stars
- Karen Fricker, Toronto Star