White Wedding by Taylor Marie Graham


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White Wedding by Taylor Marie Graham

Carl & Gabrielle just got married and their wedding reception is at their old high school. What does it mean for a group of old friends to reconnect in these nostalgic halls after being apart for so long? Has anything really changed? What old habits return? And wait - what is the point of love again?

Produced at Toronto Fringe, July 5 - 16, 2017

Keywords: wedding, ensemble, summer, fun, LGTBQ+, Canada

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 75 minutes

Cast size: 9 actors
Male roles: 3
Female roles: 6
Musician roles: 1
Casting notes: 
Lisa, 25-35ish (same age as J, Carl, Heather, and Michelle)
Jason, (“J”), 25-35ish
Gabrielle, two years younger than Lisa & co, Canadian immigrant who arrived when she was young
Heather, 25-35ish
Michelle, 25-35ish
Carl, 25-35ish
Dave, at least 3 years older than Lisa & co, is able to play guitar
Margot , 65+
Annie, Early twenties

Content note: Contains swearing, drinking, smoking pot

White Wedding was such an uncommonly cool theatrical experience . . . The show explores unrequited love, the ways in which nostalgia can affect our choices and memories, and whether or not love actually conquers all . . . If you’re looking for a unique, lively evening, please come check out this show — its sure to get a wonderful reception.”
– Jackie Mahoney, Mooney on Theatre