The Yellow Wallpaper by Alissa Grams


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The Yellow Wallpaper by Alissa Grams

Jane is a young mother living in the late-19th century America with her husband, John, who has rented out a large summer estate in hopes of helping Jane deal with her "temporary nervous depression" as he calls in. The cure: bed rest. Left alone with her own discordant thoughts, Jane is driven to insanity. Hallucination slowly emerges with reality, and in the attempt to distinguish between the two, how do we know what to believe when it is all a matter of perception?

This play is a one-act adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's 1892 short story by the same name, featuring six actors.

Keywords: mental illness, adaptation, short story, female plays, one act, historical.

Genre: Drama, Adaptation
Run time: 45 minutes
Female roles: 6
Suitable for students 14+