The Rosewood Art Society, established 1903 by Peter Paylor


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The Rosewood Art Society, established 1903 by Peter Paylor

The executive committee of the Rosewood Art Society is a very august group of artists, the most senior members of an organization that only has senior members. Some have sat on the committee for years. Charlotte has sat for decades – literally – she’s never stood to say a word. Until tonight. Charlotte has a few things on her mind – nudity, for instance, and the censorship of male parts. She’s not leaving until the members take a stand. She’ll have to wait, though. There are important issues on the agenda tonight. There are cobwebs in the windows that need to be dealt with…and then there’s the ongoing issue with the mop.

If you’ve sat on a committee, anywhere, ever, you’ll probably recognize most of the characters in this oddball group. You've probably been at meetings where they've made you want to laugh out loud. This time, you won't have to hold it in. You will laugh out loud.

"The Rosewood Art Society, established 1903" was first produced by the Belleville Theatre Guild at the Pinnacle Playhouse in Belleville, Ontario in August 2015 and later performed at the Eastern Ontario Drama League One Act Play Festival in Haliburton, Ontario in November 2015.

Keywords:  seniors, senior cast, ensemble cast   

Genre: Comedy
Run time: 30 minutes
Acts: 1
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 4