The Right Road to Pontypool by Alex Poch-Goldin

Scirocco Drama

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The Right Road to Pontypool by Alex Poch-Goldin

Moishe Yukle Bernstein was a poor pedlar who bought land near Pontypool, Ontario, a tiny Protestant town outside Toronto. The spot became a summer getaway for Jewish garment workers from Kensington Market—and for six decades, families made their way to the small village, where they shared dreams, memories, and a pathetic waterfront. With a vast array of characters, songs, and a healthy dose of humour, The Right Road to Pontypool is a unique and moving depiction of the Jewish experience in Canada.

“Remarkable new play…absolutely unforgettable…” — The Globe and Mail

“Funny and poignant by turn, and should not be missed… This play not only illuminates the past but it is also about community, family and how we pull together through both difficult and happy times… A rattling good yarn.” —Classical 93.6

Casting notes: Multiple characters, doubling, minimum of 10 actors