The Rabbi of Ragged Ass Road by David Copelin


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When her husband Michael dies, Rabbi Susan Brenner loses her faith and quits her job. She goes to Yellowknife, where her brother Barry is a lawyer for a diamond mine. Susan doesn't know that her husband has been killed by the Angel of Death, actually a lovelorn skeleton named Dethtinny. Barry is in love with Jo, a Dogrib woman whose brother Ed is tutoring Barry in native spirituality. Ed is a charlatan, but Dethtinny changes the weather around him, making him seem like he has occult powers. Dethtinny has also killed Shmuel, a raven whose long-lived widow Rivka is the raven who flew out of Noah's Ark.
Susan and Jo become friends. Jo has to have a mastectomy. Just before her operation, Jo lowers her resistance to Barry's love for her. Dethtinny wants Susan to love him, but she spurs his advances. He disguises himself as Michael and spends the night with Susan, whose belief system is so shaky that she believes what she wants and needs to believe. But when Dethtinny reveals his deception, she attacks him. He threatens to kill Jo unless Susan agrees to go with him of her own free will. Susan jumps out a window, but is rescued by Rivka. Dethtinny goes to kill Jo, but Barry and Ed defeat him with some unusual but very effective weapons. Dethtinny is neutralized, Barry and Jo become a couple, and Susan finds renewed faith in people.

Running TIme: 90 minutes
Acts: 2

Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 3