The Juniors by Peter Paylor


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The Juniors by Peter Paylor

A friend of mine has a photograph on her wall of smiling young men in their hockey gear – the Ontario Juniors of 1913. One of the young men in the photo was her grandfather; she tells me he was fifteen at the time. What haunts us as we look at his face – at all those smiling faces – is the knowledge that he would soon be dead, killed on a battlefield, barely out of his teens. What happened to the rest of them we wonder? That’s where "The Juniors" began.

The play is the photo come to life as the players and coaches all tell their stories, from the championship game, to the war in Europe, to staying home, to coming home, to the fiftieth year reunion – for the few that are left to tell it. It’s about hockey and history and coming of age. It’s about a photo and a moment in time.

Keywords:  hockey, WW1, teen

Genre: Drama
Run time: 45 minutes
Male roles: 9
Suitable for students 14+