The Jungle by Thomas McKechnie & Anthony MacMahon


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The Jungle by Thomas McKechnie & Anthony MacMahon

Loosely adapted from Upton Sinclair's novel of the same name.

Jack is a second generation Chinese Canadian taxi driver, Veronyka is an undocumented migrant from Moldova. One night he picks her up from her first job and takes her to her second. A rare moment of kindness in the hard Toronto streets sparks a connection. Thus begins a whirlwind Toronto romance with moments of love and intimacy stolen between work shifts. The couple struggle with immigration, elections, love, economics, family, illness, poverty, debt and the emerging gig economy. Through back to plays of Bertolt Brecht, the actors pause the play periodically to give a Marxist analysis of the structures that trap and abuse their characters. A modern tragedy which lays bare the systemic brutality of capitalism through the human experience of Jack and Veronyka.

First produced by Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, 2019

Keywords:  capitalism, politics, migration, China, Chinese, Moldova, Eastern European, elections, poverty, family, struggle, Brecht, taxi, uber, gig economy, political, election, Toronto, debt,

Genre: Brechtian dramaedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 90 minutes
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 1

3/4 Globe and Mail, “By turns darkly comic, semi-tragic and bitingly cynical” “engrossing”

4/5 Now Magazine, “Urgent and Timely”

“...a punch to the gut”