The Diner by Robert J. Wheeler


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The Diner by Robert J. Wheeler

Donna, the proprietor of Donna's Diner, experiences a bizarre day at the diner. First there's Sammy and Jane, two actors playing at the the town festival theatre who love the coffee, food and dessert but are dead set against paying for it. Conflict arises when Barry enters the restaurant with his girlfriend. Jane and Donna take an immediate dislike to Matilda, Barry's girlfriend because Matilda is not like them. She is a fully dressed, fully inflated sex doll. When Sammy and Jane decide to create a scenario where they can embarrass Donna for mistreating them the stakes rise significantly.

Keywords: Sex, Funny, Hilarious, Restaurant Humour

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 110 minutes
Content note: A fully dressed, fully inflated sex doll is required.

Cast size: 4 actors
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 2