The Boy Who Bled by Camille Intson


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A young boy comes to school one morning with blood splattered all over his hands and face. As this mysterious incident is unraveled by the past and the present, a group of young students is forced to confront social pressures and issues revolving around sexuality, violence, and youth. The Boy Who Bled is a bizarre coming-of-age story, an homage to the young mind and all who dare unravel it.

Keywords: the boy who bled, coming of age, young, boy, masculinity, aging, blood.

Year Printed: 2017

First Produced: Western University Purple Shorts One-Act Theatre Festival, February 15th 2017

Running TIme: 20 minutes
Acts: 1

Male Cast: 4
Female Cast: 3
Total Cast: 7
All teenage characters can of course be played, if convincingly, by young adults.